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In 1970, our founder Naoum Choucair, took a long trip to Italy to learn about the art of design, art, and architecture. What he found and learned instead was the art of handmade tile craft, specifically terrazzo and cement tiles. Passionate about his newfound discovery, he carried on perfecting his craft and skills, and went back to Lebanon with a new vision.


We believe in giving architects and interior designers their voice and freedom to express themselves through their designs. MADA Boutique aims to be the first terrazzo and concrete laboratory in the middle eastern region that designs, produces, and promotes products that meet a high level of refinement, quality, and elegance.

MADA Boutique has been the go-to laboratory for architects and interior designers for all terrazzo tiles and cement-based products. From indoor concrete furniture to upcycled cement tiles, your vision is our execution.

We unite the permanent MADA Boutique team to keep tradition and craftsmanship with architects and design professionals from several cultural backgrounds that bring your creative vision to life, while upholding our standards.

We thrive on perfectionism and details – we are the laboratory for your creative ambitiousness and eccentricity. Our products are custom-made, unique, and long-lasting.


With an extensive know-how in tiles production, architecture, and construction materials – our factory has been producing, since 1970, a high range of tailor-made products and services.


After I finished remodeling my bathroom, I am now planning to order more tiles for my kitchen. Absolutely loved the designs, I chose MD20-395 for the bathroom and I am sure Mada team will help me choose the best product for my kitchen! Thank you guys for helping me out and taking all the phone calls and answering all my concerns!

Joanna B.

It was so hard for me to decide which tiles design to use for my studio, I am in love with Mada's cement tile collections. Every tile carries with it the uniqueness of its creation. When you look at each piece, you live with it and feel the human vibes.

Sandy C.

Thank you Mada for making a creative space for designers to create their own tiles designs. I invite all architects & designers to explore this unique experience. So happy to cooperate with Mada; great quality of the handmade cement tiles and the service given is extremely satisfying.

Roger Z.

We are so glad we made the right choice in using cement tiles in our kitchen makeover, they truly evoke a sense of vintage and charm.

Lara T.
Freelance Translator