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Based in Beirut-Lebanon, Mada is an interactive creative hub which gathers people from different cultures, genders and religions working in the same space.

It consists of two main elements working in parallel: permanent people from Mada’s team designing and producing our refined private collection, and temporary artists from different backgrounds designing their own pieces yet respecting Mada’s norms and high standards.

By gathering all these components together, Mada is aiming to be among the first in the Middle East that designs, produces and promotes an environmentally friendly product that meets a high level of refinement and elegance.

With an experience that spreads over years in tiles production, architecture and construction materials, Mada will be providing not only a 100% nature friendly products but also a well-designed tailored made artifact that respects the high standards of finishing, design and functionality yet, satisfying people’s needs from different cultures and tastes.

In addition to that, our hub gives you the opportunity to consult our expertise in interior architecture and construction, in order to purchase or produce the needed elements that fit your space and environment, as well as 4 workshops per year that let you witness and assimilate the know-how of cement based products.

Our factory in Lebanon will be producing a high range of products from concrete based furniture and accessories to cement tiles, which was one of the main decorative elements  for floors and walls, in the Lebanese houses from the mid of the 19th century until the mid of the 20th century.

The whole production process consists of using natural materials such as sand, cement, water and natural pigments for coloring, therefore producing a 100% natural product. Visit our showrooms that exhibit our own collections as well as the collections gathered from different artists.
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After I finished remodeling my bathroom, I am now planning to order more tiles for my kitchen. Absolutely loved the designs, I chose MD20-395 for the bathroom and I am sure Mada team will help me choose the best product for my kitchen! Thank you guys for helping me out and taking all the phone calls and answering all my concerns!

Joanna B.

It was so hard for me to decide which tiles design to use for my studio, I am in love with Mada's cement tile collections. Every tile carries with it the uniqueness of its creation. When you look at each piece, you live with it and feel the human vibes.

Sandy C.
Music Producer

Thank you Mada for making a creative space for designers to create their own tiles designs. I invite all architects & designers to explore this unique experience. So happy to cooperate with Mada; great quality of the handmade cement tiles and the service given is extremely satisfying.

Roger Z.
Interior Architect

We are so glad we made the right choice in using cement tiles in our kitchen makeover, they truly evoke a sense of vintage and charm.

Lara T.
Freelance Translator