Crafted passionately | The next generation products come from the previous generation.

MADA has over 50 years of experience as a leading concrete factory in the Middle Eastern region.
We unite traditional know-how and methods with modern technology and advancements.
Your creativity and ideas are welcomed – your vision is our execution.

Terrazzo & Concrete Lab

Customize your desired products - the sky is the limit. From materials, to colors and dimensions, MADA is your ideal destination for endless customization and creation.

Showcase your Products

Join our Mada hub for artists & designers. We have a craft space serving you to design, produce and showcase your work commercially at Mada Boutique.


With a team of engineers, architects & designers, we provide our consultancy services for all your projects no matter how complex.

Tiles Production

Environment friendly handmade cement tile manufacturer in Lebanon from more than 40 years. The cement tiles are completely handmade with 100% natural materials.

Delicacy & authenticity of handmade cement & terrazzo tiles

All the tiles in our showroom and on our online store are handmade. Each piece holds real beauty and is part of the inspiration for many creative ideas and projects. With all the advance in technology and machinery in our days, we are proud we still produce handmade concrete and terrazzo tiles with the premium quality. We have been preserving this industry and our clients cherish all the lines of products we are releasing at Mada.


MADA is known for its ability to create a fusion of unconventional materials together you can mix brass, wood, mirror, glass, corks, onyx, and more! The options are endless – your creation is our execution.


We aim to be as environmentally-conscious as possible throughout our manufacturing process. We can upcycle items whenever necessary and possible to create more unique pieces that fit to you and your clients’ vision, while being environmentally-conscious.